Underwater Imaging

Camera & Housing

Fun In Photography is a Taiwan company that specialises in Underwater Photography from Housings to Lighting and everything in between.


We are excited to be working with Divers Point and Scuba Studio to sell the full range of INON products including the new innovative Z330 strobe, starting in January 2018.


i-Divesite is an exciting company specialized in innovative design and production of underwater optical and photographic equipment. As the manufacturer of our own brand, our mission is to increase the popularity of underwater photography by making it more affordable and user-friendly and therefore more enjoyable for the hobbyist and professional. Our products have it all-great function, excellent appearance, and competitive prices. The combination of these factors makes our products accessible to everyone. Our goal is to enable you to have many unforgettable underwater photography experiences!

Sea & Sea

The mission of the SEA&SEA and SUNPAK brands is to evoke the various emotions induced by the photographic and imaging communication business, to gauge the harmony of nature and technology, as well as continuing to contribute to a society overflowing with dreams. We will also sensitively respond to the trends of the rapidly changing times, thinking through the needs demanded of us from scratch, and continue to practice outstanding service.


Weefine, a brand of Umeing Technology, focuses on diving equipment. Its manufacturing plant is located in Shenzhen, China. Weefine, and launched a number of product series in diving lighting and photographic equipment, in which the Smart Housing won the best design award in Hong Kong DRT exhibition. Weefine brand attaches great importance to the cultivation of talent. We have a group of very experienced technical and management personnel who are professional in art design in appearance, structural design, optical design, electronic design, software design and manufacturing.

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