Founded in San Diego in 1978, The Sharksuit Neptunic has developed is known around the world as being instrumental in the advancement of shark interaction for research, film, and most recently, eco-tourism. We continue in the tradition of a company created by those with a passion for the ocean. Our products reflect a simple design and a commitment towards materials without a large footprint on the environment. Partnering with 1% for The Planet, Neptunic is now donating a percentage of all sales to support thousands of nonprofit organizations.


Prawno is an ocean lifestyle clothing brand inspired by the underwater photography of Creative Director Lia Barrett. Launched in 2013, the collection is known for its hand printed designs, all created from silhouettes of the people and marine life captured in her acclaimed photography. With marine conservation at our core, Prawno clothing incorporates fabrics made from post-consumer plastic bottles and recycled fabrics, and supports projects aimed at improving the conditions of our oceans.

22 Degrees

22 Degrees produces quality products for people who live and work on the ocean. For those sudden squalls, or the days when it just won’t let up, it feels great to have our jackets to throw on and warm up. We have used the jackets for before and after diving, and it’s especially great for after night dives. The jackets have caught the attention and respect of serious divers, underwater photographers, film makers, and marine biologists – people who spend their life on the ocean.

Reef Safe

As the need to protect your skin from harmful rays becomes more of a concern for you and your family, so does the need to protect our water. With Reef Safe, you can have both. Reef Safe’s biodegradable formula is scientifically proven to be non-toxic to sea-life. You can apply without worry, knowing your skin and environment will have the ultimate protection.


Diving can also be fashionable with the Suiila dive booties, it's designed like the classic canvas shoe, making it easy to wear or remove as well.The Suiila Flame Red Booties has a rubber sole with good anti-slip properties making it suitable for use on boats or other general usage.


  • Classic Canvas Shoe design
  • Easy to wear or remove
  • Sewing only on the exterior makes the bootie comfortable to wear
  • Good thermal properties
  • Rubber soles
  • Material: 90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon

SWISS MADE featuring a unique self-powered illumination system. Without having to push a button or expose the timepiece to a light source, the time is continuously visible for up to 25 years. It"s part of what makes our watches ESSENTIAL GEAR and why the United States Navy SEALs and other professionals worldwide have chosen Luminox. Tough, powerful and accurate, Swiss Made Luminox is the ultimate gear for serious athletes, rugged outdoorsmen and other peak performers.

Dive Inspire

"Fulfilling Our Own Desire" may be the best way to describe how we came up with Dive Inspire. From recreational scuba divers who are passionate about scuba diving plus the desire to incorporate the amazing underwater world into daily life, we founded Dive Inspire in May 2014.

Our product was initially designed around the graceful nudibranch and later on extended to other deep-sea species. The product range has been created to serve different functions from gift, collectibles, decorative items, accessories to clothing.

Last but not least, we hope Dive Inspire will inspire you to discover another world and can treat sea-sick during working days for scuba diver friends with no need to carry scuba tank, breathe through a regulator or deal with nitrogen narcosis.


Innovative from the start, Maxpedition gained a competitive edge in its early years by creating bags and packs with superior durability and ergonomics, such as the Versipack® and Gearslinger® series. As our reputation among professionals solidified, the emergency preparedness and concealed carry markets quickly caught on, also selecting Maxpedition products as their preferred EDC (Every Day Carry) and survival gear. While already the leader in our market space, Maxpedition is committed to improvement, optimizing ergonomics, creating user-friendly designs, fine-tuning construction methods, refining aesthetics, using the highest quality materials and world-class craftsmanship.


The Squires designed Free diving bag fits 2 sets of free diving long fins, mask, snorkel and enough clothes for three day. Perfect for a weekend or short out of town trips.

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