Destination : Fakarava to Rangiroa
6250 USD for standard room, USD 6575 for deluxe room per person

Just say the words “French Polynesia” and what springs to mind are a plethora of small islands with stunning white beaches, surrounded by crystal clear warm water. Situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, this island archipelago is home to some of the most wondrous dive sites, where hundreds of hungry sharks gather in schools to be joined by manta rays and bottle-nosed dolphins. Diving Rangiroa’s reefs and channels you can expect to see grey reef hammerhead, black tips, silky, tiger and silver tip shark species cruising the reef, hunting on schools of snapper and fusiliers. Whilst drift diving through the 1200m wide channel at North Fakarava Island, you can experience incredible shark action, see huge Napoleon wrasses and witness marbled groupers spawning. A typical diving day will see you cruising through channels and exploring the outer reefs of the atolls, yet there are numerous of shallow dive sites within the Tuamotu Archipelago, each with stunning hard corals, sheltering all manner of crustaceans and molluscs.


The cruise price includes the following:
- All meals & accommodations during the cruise
- Tea, fresh coffee from our espresso machine, fruit juice & soft drinks
- Up to 20 dives inclusive of night dives
- Transfer between airport and French Polynesia Master on the days of embarkation and disembarkation

Required additional payments and on-board extras:
- Flights, additional transfers and hotels
- Port, park and tax fees: 70 US$
- Nitrox : 10 nights 150 US$
- Alcoholic drinks
- Equipment Rental
- 1 x 12 litre aluminium tank : FOC
- Additional 12 litre aluminium tank : 6 US$ per day
- 15 litre aluminium tank : 6 US$ per day
- Crew tips. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept crew tips via credit card so they are cash only. All major currencies are accepted and appreciated.
- Satellite internet
*Wireless Satellite internet is available to guests on board French Polynesia Master. You can find more information on packages available and special pre-cruise purchase offers here:
- www.masterliveaboards.com/french-polynesia-internet/

(photo by Mike Bartick)